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Yangon travel guide

Golden temple

Flight to Yangon International airport and then took a taxi to go to the city, you will quickly feel you are in a place unlike anywhere in the world. Travel Indochina Myanmar

Lack of the presence of international brands but has a lot of parks, lakes, temples Chiang, bustling streets and friendly people. That is the distinguishing characteristic of Yangon – the largest city and is also the former capital of Myanmar beautiful country.

Famous tourist destination

  1. Shwedagon pagoda:

Shwedegon Temple is famous tourist destination most any visitor would have to look at. Situated on top of a hill, it is considered the National security and pride of Myanamar.

Golden temple

Golden temple

  1. Crocodile Farm Thaketa:

Thaketa crocodile farm is “home” to more than 200 species of crocodile. You might feel scared when passing underneath the bridge which is hundreds of crocodiles were open mouth. Myanmar travel packages

Industrial Park Thaketa township Thaketa , Yangon ; Fare : $ 1/ person

Crocodile Farm

Crocodile Farm

  1. Drug Enforcement Museum:

Built in the late 1990s, the museum is a warning to people about the harmful effects of very dangerous drugs.

 Hanthawaddy Kyunthaw is at the corner and the township Kamayut.

Drug Enforcement Museum

Drug Enforcement Museum

Leaving Yangon airport with immigration procedures rapidly in Immigration (added Myanmar is the only country left not abandon ASEAN visa for citizens in the block that have a visa with fee of 35 USD/ person), we through baggage claim and had exchange offices spend the coming days.

Before leaving, I saw some online as you went often advised not to change money at the airport because of low rates but when I travel so often I find here a very good rate. 1 USD is approaching 870 kyat exchange while outside later I change not equal. Currency exchange in Myanmar all controlled by the bank, if the change of night or day/ break they had to change through a travel agent with a very low rate. Additionally dollars circulating in this country parallel with native copper comfortably so you can bring retail dollars but must be new money a little longer. And one last thought about this ATM or card payments, then wait out, when Myanmar opened will be for you to use that stuff.

Recognition of Myanmar people is very happy. Asked who they are fresh and ready laugh coquetry let me take pictures without discomfort. The driver took us to the city tour through the magnificent gilded pagodas sparkling, full of golden temples always heard a few tons but seeing no guard at all … Car runs through places where a doctor is talking about it, uncle glad we commend the streets of Yangon to clean and green over his land, vehicles , the running order. Well, Myanmar or the very poor but the city Yangon almost no motor car, the new vehicle whether old car wheel car also filled reversible chi … They rarely honk loudly on the street even though the speed run very fast.

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