Yangon to Bagan flight

Yangon to Bagan flight

The interior of the Yangon train

Known as a place of golden pagodas, Myanmar has 4 beautiful destinations that tourists cannot miss, they are: Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Bagan – an old town with thousands of ancient temples, Inle Lake with friendly fishermen and simple daily lives, and Mandalay – the last capital before Myanmar became a colony of England. With our information for flights from Yangon to Bagan, you would find it easier to travel around this beautiful country. Indochina travel Myanmar

Shwedagon Pagoda at night

Shwedagon Pagoda at night -source: internet

After admiring famous pagodas that are covered by gold like Shwedagon and Sule Pagodas in Yangon, you would be impressed by abandoned and ancient beauty of more than four thousand old temples and Buddha statues in Bagan. Bagan, which was founded around the 9th century, is the first capital of Burma Empire. You can explore Bagan with a bicycle, a cart or a mini-van, but if you like a more adventurous and exciting way, air balloon over Bagan would be the best choice for you.

Inle Lake is a fovorite site in Yangon

Inle Lake is a fovorite site in Yangon- source: internet

With the distance of over 600 km, it takes you about more than an hour to travel from Yangon to Bagan by airplane. The flights between 2 destinations are provided by some domestic airlines so you can easy to choose a suitable flight.

Expore Bagan by air balloon

Expore Bagan by air balloon -source: internet

Yangon Airways

Yangon Airways is one of the favorite airlines in Myanmar. There are 2 main direct flights from Yangon airport to Nyaung U airport (Bagan).

Departure time Arrival time Remark
06:10 AM 07:30 AM DAILY
07:30 AM 08:50 AM DAILY

You can visit Indochina tours Myanmar to get more information.

Cart, a popular transport in Bagan

Cart, a popular transport in Bagan -source: internet


Another choice for you is Air KBZ, which provides a lot of flights between Yangon and Bagan with the ticket prices varying from $108 to $128 depending on whether it is fixed or flexible. Some of them are in the table below. For more selections from Air KBZ, please access airkbz.com/.

Departure time Arrival time Remark
06:45 AM 08:05 AM DAILY
07:00 AM 08:20 AM SUNDAY
07:15 AM 08:35 AM DAILY
07:30 AM 08:50 AM DAILY
10:00 AM 11:20 AM DAILY
15:30 PM 16:50 PM DAILY

Golden Myanmar Airlines

The ticket price of Golden Myanmar Airlines is a little lower so it’s suitable if you want to save money. This airline provides 3 main flights from Yangon to Bagan, they are:

Departure time Arrival time Remark
06:30 AM 07:50 AM DAILY
18:00 PM 19:20 PM DAILY

For booking flights, visit the official website of Golden Myanmar Airlines: www.gmairlines.com .

Asian Wings Airways

With the total fare is 115 USD, Asian Wings Airways is a good selection of many passengers. On the route Yangon – Bagan, there are some main flights below:

Departure time Arrival time Remark
06:30 AM 07:50 AM SATURDAY

For more detail, please access booking.asianwingsair.com/ .

In addition, there are certain other airlines that supply flights from Yangon to  Nyaung U such as FMI Air, Apex Airline, and Mann Yadanarpon Airlines, however they are less frequent.

Now, just prepare for a trip to Myanmar to explore the magic of Bagan.

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