When should I visit Bagan?

When should I visit Bagan?

Best time to visit Bagan

Like preparation for other destinations in the world, when planning a trip to Bagan, you should check ahead to see: “When should I visit Bagan?”. To get more information, you can click: Indochina tours Myanmar

Receiving just 30 percent of Rangoon’s yearly rainfall total, Bagan is famous for its dry tropical monsoon climate. Bagan has three seasons: rainy season (from June to October); cool weather (from November to February of the next year) and hot season (from March to May). During these summer months, the destination on the central plains experiences hot, rainy and cloudy weather and during the winter months, it expects less humid, less rainfall, less cloudy with milder temperatures.

The rainy season (from June to October)

Bagan after rain

Bagan after rain- source: internet

As its name suggests, the rainy season bring much rain to Bagan, making all the roads wet and slippery, however, occasional showers are more than non-stop downpours and the temperature during this season is still relatively comfortable.

In spite of many difficulty traveling around outside, resulting in the less indoor activities arranged, you can still find several advantages to visit Bagan during this period. During the monsoon, you will meet fewer travelers than anytime of a year. Therefore, you will have more private moment, immersing in the much greener, lusher setting and the dust-free, clearer, bluest and more charming skies after rain. What a gorgeous vista for your photos! Don’t let the name of the monsoon season put you off! What can be better than enjoying a BBQ party at a local restaurant waiting for the most spectacular skies of the year. These months have the highest precipitation are August and September leaving the rest time during this monsoon season from June to July and October quite good time to visit.

Rainy season in Bagan

Rainy season in Bagan- source: internet

What to bring with you during the rainy season? Non-slip shoes to go on slippery roads; raincoat or umbrella to keep you dry when it rains and thin coats or long-sleeved shirts to prevent you from the cold in the chilly evenings. Myanmar travel tours

The cool season (from November to February)

Best time to visit Bagan

Best time to visit Bagan- source: internet

Even though Bagan’s tourist attractions warmly welcome travelers all over the world well most of the time during a year, it is not easy to tour these temples and ruins of Bagan in unpleasant weather. The cooler months, especially from November to January, when the weather is comfortable with less rainfall and cloud-free skies, has become the best time to visit to capture all the beauty of this ancient town and the peak tourist season. But as usual, if you are planning a trip to Bagan during this peak season, when this town is heaving with crowds, bear in mind that booking your room in advance is necessary. Moreover, as it can sometimes get pretty cool, long-sleeved shirts or a thin coat and pants are must-items.

During this season, especially at sunrise and sunset, flocks of locals as well as backpackers go to some of the most famous temples and pagodas in town to seek for the jaw-dropping views. Actually, many temples only stand room in the high season sundown.

The hot season (from March to May)

If you want to avoid the crowds, hot season is time to go

If you want to avoid the crowds, hot season is time to go- source: internet

The unbearably hot and dry weather of the Capital of the first Myanmar Empire gets worst during the hot season. From March to May, Bagan is sizzling with the highest temperature up to 40°C (104°F) during the mid-day from 12:00 to 4.00 PM. It is wise to avoid this super-hot time. Just stay at your hotel, enjoy a cool drink under the shade of trees, cool off in the pool or arrange other indoor activities. If you want to visit temples and pagodas, let’s set off in the morning or in the late afternoon!

Like the rainy season, the hot season with terribly hot weather also welcomes fewer tourists. If you want to avoid the crowds, it is time to go. To protect yourself in this season, make sure to pack UV protection umbrellas, sun hats and moisturizing spray.

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