Unique means of transportation in Yangon

Unique means of transportation in Yangon

A stunning experience with trishaw in Yangon

Choosing which means to transport in Yangon to get around is the first thing you need to do right after you decide on how to get to Burma. Like elsewhere all over the world, traveling on the ground is also a big part of every journey in Myanmar, especially true for Yangon.

It will be an enjoying endeavour to plan ahead to make getting from A to B in Yangon, which has many differences when it comes to traffic compared to other destinations in the world.

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As the means of transport in Yangon are part of the charm of this city, if you want to make the most of your trip, do not hesitate to enrich your trip with unique traffic modes: tris-haws, pick-up trucks, horse-drawn carriages, and bicycles to name a few.

Horse cart

Horse cart for royal experience

Horse cart for royal experience- source: internet

Most of you will definitely be surprised to know that these simple two-wheeled horse carts are still widely used in Burma. Sitting inside this cart, enjoying the jaw-dropping backdrop of Myanmar’s temples, appreciating the smell of the countryside in such a different way, you will feel like a King or a Queen. A traditional horse cart is $15-25 USD a day while a private cart, which is larger, is $55USD for a day or 35 USD for half a day.

Trishaw – the most convenient means of transportation in Yangon

Trishaw is transportation in YangonTrishaw is transportation in Yangon

Trishaw is transportation in Yangon- source: internet

A simple motor-less bicycle with a seat affixed to the side of it, a trishaw, which is indeed a Burmese invention, is not only the easiest and most comfortable means of transportation in Burma, especially Yangon suburban but also a tourist attraction. Unlike other trishaws can be found in other Asian countries, Burmese trishaws are designed with a passenger sidecar attached to the bicycle of the driver.

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In spite of being a tourism service, this kind of environmentally friendly means of transportation starts at a super affordable rate. With around 200-300 kyat (from 0.15 to 0.25 US$) for short distances or around 10$-20$ depending on how far you go, a short-tour around the city with the most basic and essential public transport in Yangon, the best way to get around the city will give you a chance to feel the hustle and bustle atmosphere of the city through each rotation of the wheel. Passenger fare is much about 2-3 times cheaper than a taxi ride.

A stunning experience with trishaw in Yangon

A stunning experience with trishaw in Yangon- source: internet

For those who are familiar with the image of a 1-seat trishaw in Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia, it will be extremely fascinating to come to explore all the colonial and heritage places of Yangon like Bogyoke Market, City Hall, Mahabandula Park, Bo Aung Kyaw Street, Telegraph office, Custom House, etc with Burmese 3-wheel vehicle’s design and to venture into rural Burma in true Burmese fashion.

Pick-up truck

A truck jammed with passengers

A truck jammed with passengers- source: internet

A truck, whose back has two rows of seats that can hold about 10-12 passengers, is a unique but popular vehicle in Yangon. However, as the driver usually carries the excess to make these trucks overloaded, you will certainly be crammed into the back of the truck with a crowd of other passengers. Do not expect a comfortable empty journey! Before departing from more popular locations, these friendly local drivers usually wait till the truck is swarmed with passengers and it is always wise to remember a landmark near your desired destinations and ask the driver whether they have passed by or not. Pretty functional and convenient for short distances, truck is considered as the most useful and used vehicle in Yangon town. But if you are planning to go for more than an hour or two, it is not a good idea. An experience on the back of truck, which requires great patience and adaptability, is about 200 kyat.

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