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Undiscovered Myanmar

A very different Myanmar

As likely as the best kept secret in South East Asia, Burma is an amazing country with a large number to offer. It is highly recommended to enjoy in a selection of small group tours and private tailor made holidays encompassing its different attractions and permit you to get a real feeling for the country. Tours Indochina Myanmar

A very different Myanmar

A very different Myanmar – source: thetimes.co.uk

Spreading out over a huge dusty plain, the stunning temples at Bagan are one of the leading historical sites of Asia, with noble opportunities to discover distant stupas and watch an incredibly spectacular sunset over the temple roofs. The unique colonial architecture in Yangon takes you back to the times of British rule, sitting alongside beautiful Buddhist monuments that extend to be used today. Discover old aged monasteries and pay a visit to these urban villages on Inle Lake, and fall in love with the glorious pass of this country at the royal city of Mandalay. It is also a great idea to get away from the today well trodden tourist route, exploring areas that have rarely, if ever, come across western tourists consisting of going around overland from Thailand over land edges only have recently welcomed tourists. Burma provides travelers a great adventure opportunity that is very hard to find in other South East Asian countries.

Undiscovered south Myanmar

Undiscovered south Myanmar – source: asiatrips.travel

It is practicable to go over the boundary between Burma and Thailand overland for the first time in centuries. Be one of the very first to travel this special road acrossing the Htee Khee frontier to Dawei which links the more remote areas of Mon State and Kayin State. You can continue your trip via the new capital Nay Pyi Daw to go to Bagan before being proceeded to the well fertile lands of the Shan mountains. The final highlight of the trip is to explore an undiscovered track and only recently reachable part of Eastern Shan state where you can make friend with many different local tribes. This is a memorable overland journey through an interesting and mostly uninvestigated part of Burma.

Hurry up to plan your trip in Myanmar

Hurry up to plan your trip in Myanmar – source: thetimes.co.uk

From bustling and adorable Yangon, where we take in a spiritual Shwedagon tour, to the Shan villages, local schools, and the tomb of the very first prince of Hsipaw, this is an ideal group tour that really goes beyond the tourist path. Here, travelers will definitely have a chance to join in going trekking opportunity to the peaceful hill tribe villages in Kyaukme and take a magnificent train crossing over the beautiful Gokteik Viaduct, plus in a cycle tour in Mandalay and visit a plan for retired elephants around Kalaw, and they can know the reason why this group tour is so unique.

Admire spectacular sunsets over the meticulously designed ancient temples of Bagan and be surprised at these ancient monuments. Explore the magnificent palaces and awesome monuments of royal Mandalay. Meet hospitable local fishermen on picturesque Inle Lake and have promenade along the lively teak bridge at Amarapura. Joining in a tour of undiscovered Myanmar is a great introduction to one of the most intriguing countries of Asia, ideally tailored to your needs.

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