5 Top Things to Do in Yangon, Myanmar

Top Things to Do in Yangon, Myanmar

Rangoon: A famous tea house in Yangon
Myanmar has recently “opened its doors to tourists”, meaning that their previous boycott on tourism (due to political reasons) has now been lifted. 10 years ago, it was available to visit Myanmar but getting a visa was much more difficult and there was little tourist services available. We certainly didn’t notice this lifting (in Yangon), as we hardly saw any other westerners during our travels here which made this city experience entirely different. There were no big red tour buses, no travel agencies, no franchises and no lines for anything. Travel Indochina Myanmar

  1. Visit a Tea House

Tea is everything in Myanmar, they drink it and they eat it either (tea leaf salads). Tea houses in Yangon are simply an institution. Small adorable child-sized plastic tables and chairs fill the sidewalks for people to enjoy a cup of tea, a meal or simply a catch-up. Each time we walked past, people greeted us with smiles from ear to ear.

Rangoon: A famous tea house in Yangon

Rangoon: A famous tea house in Yangon- source: internet

It will be rare to come across an unhappy person at a tea house! Tea in Myanmar looks simple, but there are many variations, most of them containing condensed milk. If you can’t find someone to speak English, just guess, it’ll be delicious! You can have a thermal or cup for a whopping $0.50c :). One afternoon we pulled up one of these teeny tiny chairs and tried it for ourselves. I’m just glad we didn’t break these chairs…

  1. Indulge in the Local Myanmar Cuisine

Myanmar cuisine is a mixture between Thai, Chinese and Indian. After all, Myanmar is combined with all of them. While you’ll still get an array of curries, Myanmar has a lot of noodle dishes they’re very proud of. Our favourite was the Shan Noodles & least favourite, the Nan gyi thohk (shown below). It was like a cold spaghetti dish. The traditional foods of Burmese are very chep in Yangon where the cost for curries is $3, full noodle dishes is $2, and street food is less than $0.50c. Myanmar travel packages

Come and try delicious curries in Yangon

Come and try delicious curries in Yangon- source: internet

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