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Top things to do in Yangon

Take a stroll along Inya Lake

Yangon’s seductive charms are legendary and for good reason. The heady mix of golden Pagoda’s, British colonial architecture, Burmese street food scene, and skyline buildings make Yangon the runway model of Southeast Asia’s cities—charming, tranquil, and awe-inspiring envy at every turn. But with so much to see and do in Yangon, it is such a

Unique means of transportation in Yangon

A stunning experience with trishaw in Yangon

Choosing which means to transport in Yangon to get around is the first thing you need to do right after you decide on how to get to Burma. Like elsewhere all over the world, traveling on the ground is also a big part of every journey in Myanmar, especially true for Yangon. It will be

Discovering temples in Yangon

Shwedagon Pagoda

Myanmar is among the nations that are very famous about ancient temples around the world. The features of the temples here, in particular in Yangon, where there are a lot of wonderful temples and pagodas, are attracting a large number of travelers. If travelers come in Myanmar, Yangon is absolutely a must-to-see destination to satisfy

Top Things to Do in Yangon, Myanmar

Rangoon: A famous tea house in Yangon

Myanmar has recently “opened its doors to tourists”, meaning that their previous boycott on tourism (due to political reasons) has now been lifted. 10 years ago, it was available to visit Myanmar but getting a visa was much more difficult and there was little tourist services available. We certainly didn’t notice this lifting (in Yangon),

The most sacred pagodas to see in Yangon, Myanmar

An overview of Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon

Yangon is the largest city in Myanmar and it is former capital houses some of the country’s oldest, most famous and most highly revered temples and pagodas. For more information about Yangon, please view: Indochina tours Myanamar Yangon’s oldest pagodas Considered to be oldest pagoda in Burma, the Shwedagon is Yangon’s most famous sacred and

Yangon to Bagan flight

The interior of the Yangon train

Known as a place of golden pagodas, Myanmar has 4 beautiful destinations that tourists cannot miss, they are: Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Bagan – an old town with thousands of ancient temples, Inle Lake with friendly fishermen and simple daily lives, and Mandalay – the last capital before Myanmar became a colony of England. With