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5 Attractive Things To Do When You’re in Yangon, Myanmar part 2

Yangon’s circular railroad

How to get there: It’s easiest to take a taxi from downtown Yangon for 1,000 – 2,000 KyatsOpen hours: 4 am – 10 pm daily Price: 300 Kyats ($.30) for restaurant area, 2,000 Kyats ($2.02) for boardwalk Don’t miss the National Museum in Yangon The National Museum was on the old side, and it are

Setting your budget to go to Myanmar

Transport in Myanmar

From no-frills independent backpacking, staying in simple guesthouses, to luxury tours containing reputable colonial-era hotels, travelling in Myanmar can be made to fit most budgets. However, although being a poorer country than other in Southeast Asia, Myanmar does not promise much cheaper travelling. Most travelers go to Myanmar by plane, and particularly in Yangon, accommodation

Expat living in Myanmar

Expat live in Yangon

From the progenitive pagoda temples that tell stories of magnificence, to the spectacular mountain ranges and green rice paddy fields, there are uncountable things available to explore in Myanmar. Moderately moving to modernization, since just a few years ago, prices of services have gone up slightly. Nevertheless, Myanmar is still considered as an inexpensive place

Undiscovered Myanmar

A very different Myanmar

As likely as the best kept secret in South East Asia, Burma is an amazing country with a large number to offer. It is highly recommended to enjoy in a selection of small group tours and private tailor made holidays encompassing its different attractions and permit you to get a real feeling for the country.

3 Beach resorts you should try in Myanmar

Amazing Ngapali Resort faces the beautiful Ngapali beach

Myanmar, the mysterious country contains thousands of Buddhist temples. Moreover, it also has a large number of pristine white beaches along the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea. Therefore, visitors traveling to this country can find a lot of beach resorts on these beautiful beaches. Below are 3 Myanmar beach resorts you should try when

Amazing Myanmar

Plan your trip in Myanmar

Myanmar that is authentic, affordable and noticeable should be put on your travel bucket top list. Thanks to a large number of golden covered pagodas scattered around the country, Myanmar which is well known as “the Golden Land” is not different from Thailand 25 years ago — before shopping chains took over and famous movies

10 Top Tourist Attractions in Myanmar


Myanmar, the official name for the Southeast Asian nation more commonly known as Burma, is a must-see for travelers who like Buddha and beaches, though not necessarily in that order. The country contains thousands of Buddhist temples. It also has pristine white beaches along the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea. The country is slowly

Top 3 places to visit Myanmar

Top 3 places to visit Myanmar

Kyaing Tong (Keng Tung) Kyaing Tong, is a town in eastern Shan State, Myanmar and it is also the principle town of Keng Tung Township. The weather in this area is particular cooler than compare to the tropical area of Myanmar which is a suitable place for those visitors who would like to enjoy plenty

Naga Traditional New Year Festival

Naga Traditional New Year Festival

Numerous Naga tribes spread throughout the north-western hills of Myanmar. Most of the Naga are from the Chin State. But the festival place falls in the Sagaing Division, next to the Chin State. The places where the Naga inhabit are Khamti, Lashe, Lahel, and Nanyun in the Sagaing Division. There are 64 clans of the