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Recommend traffic to travel Laos

Traffic in Laos

Laos is not only idyllic beauty, but it also brings the beauty of culture, festivals, cultural and even participate in special transport. As to Laos, you will be surprised because around the crowded streets of Vientiane but rarely heard sirens. The drivers here hardly use the horn, except dangerous situations that can cause accidents. People often tease each

Morning visit to Wat Visoun

That Makmo

Luang Prabang, which is set between the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers, is an enchanting town filled with colonial style buildings and historic temples. Wat Visoun, which dates back to 1513 and the reign of King Wisunarat (Visoun) and was once home to the Prabang Buddhas, is the oldest temple in Luang Prabang. Indochina tours