Recommend traffic to travel Laos

Recommend traffic to travel Laos

Traffic in Laos
Laos is not only idyllic beauty, but it also brings the beauty of culture, festivals, cultural and even participate in special transport. As to Laos, you will be surprised because around the crowded streets of Vientiane but rarely heard sirens. The drivers here hardly use the horn, except dangerous situations that can cause accidents. People often tease each other and said loud car horn is luxury in Laos.
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Transport in Laos

Transport in Laos -source: internet

The public transportation in Laos as well as meet all kinds of passenger cars, buses, taxis … In addition to the vehicles on the tuk tuk is quite popular vehicles in Laos. Experience with public vehicles here you will find wonderful, modern buses, no status stampedes, and the driver friendly and very hospitable. Tuk tuk is also slightly more expensive, but prices are easy to find, when the tuk tuk you can be proactive about travel time to destinations you plan to go. It will help you to easily walk around the city, go shopping or go anywhere you want.

Tuk tuk in Laos

They calculated by computer according to the journey, if visitors are increasingly crowded, cheap trip. Therefore, it is usually to car rental to save money. If you go, you can go to retail shelves, go along with the other group.

From the center of Vientiane, you can hire a tuk tuk to the village outskirts, about 30-40km to go out and explore the life, customs and traditions of the people of Laos.

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Tuk tuk in Laos

Tuk tuk in Laos -source: internet

In Laos transportation mainly tuk tuk and pickup truck. You must prepare hats, masks, sunglasses, sunscreen shirt (for the summer) and gloves to protect yourself, you should go for soft shoes will have to walk quite a lot between several nearby attractions if you go to crowded then ask them discounts, plus you can rent a bike to go sightseeing.

Tuk tuk should carpool with other travelers to save, buy tickets in advance pickup truck one day and not to buy round-trip. To any tourism destination to ask about a car online sites before the next visit.

Tuk tuk carrying tourists in Laos

Tuk tuk carrying tourists in Laos- source: internet

Tuk tuk from Laos only a roof above it if sunny, rain, tourist passengers will be affected from rain and sun. Transfer by tuk tuk will bring the thrill.

Most Lao people use private cars, a few travel by motorbikes. And while the number of public transport and car no more, this is a type of transport is quite unique and useful in Million Elephants country.

Tuk tuk in Vientiane

Tuk tuk in Vientiane- source: internet

Vientiane tuk tuk 500 cars, each of them decorated their vehicles as private, not public tuk tuk identical, this creates more excitement on the street. There are tuk tuk runners did not say how much the price is right, but only to say: “How much is it depends.” You are tourists often pay more because of the behavior of those who run it are friendly vehicles.

When arriving in Laos, you will be alerted immediately, from small street off the main road, turn left or turn right you have to be careful because the car runs straight along the road they have priority so they run very fast. If you’ll notice when cars turn left or turn right, turn left where there are no lights are very careful, they’ll wait until it’s quiet, then they turned to go forward. Pedestrians and vehicles rudimentary here also are highly valued, you will not see the scene of a motor vehicle pinched rudimentary vehicles, or encroachment of pedestrian lane. In Laos, everything was slow-going basis and compromise, the country faces a very gentle Champa, friendly, never upset, angry, such collisions in traffic when both.

Traffic in Laos

Traffic in Laos – source: internet

Despite coming to anywhere, the casual culture of life will make people love and country. Perhaps Laos not yet many foreign visitors come to know, but if anyone ever came here, to witness life, cultures, how to behave when in traffic, then will love this beautiful country. You select the means of transport by airport tuk tuk in Laos to the upward trip more enjoyable.

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