A memorable trip with Andaman Cruise

A memorable trip with Andaman Cruise

It is their wealth of exotic beaches and tropical marine life offering an exquisite backdrop for amazing experiences in Thailand that make Phuket and the Andaman Sea famous. And to explore all of the beauty and interesting activities that the Andaman has to offer, cruising on board a luxury motor yacht like Andaman Cruise should not be a bad idea. Travel Cambodia and Indochina

Andaman Cruise

Andaman Cruise- source: internet

Andaman Cruises promises you with a lavish experience into the vibrant marine play areas of Phuket and beyond. Let’s get ready for a memorable trip with Andaman Cruise!

Some places that Andaman Cruises will take you to

Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay in Phuket is a magical place to visit with limestone cliffs protruding out of the emerald green waters and spectacular scenery around. Koh Panyee and James Bond Island are the most famous for being the most photographed spots.

Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay- source: internet

Not only being an affordable way to get around Phang Nga Bay to visit all the small islands and caves, speedboats and longboats also promise short yet interesting trips to islands throughout the bay. And it may be helpful to lining up reservations for trips around the bay by speedboats and longboats, which are great ways to navigate Phang Nga. Private vessels may be better choices for adventure seekers. It is possible to find boats for hire at reasonable rates. Tours on Indochina

For an afternoon or a day, Koh Yao Island, Khai Island and Khai Nok Island are good options. Phang Nga Bay offers a large number of awesome activities to keep you busy. Thanks to the clear waters of Phang Nga Bay, snorkeling is a great activity to enjoy when you are visiting islands throughout the bay. In addition, on display is an impressive array of marine life, and islands are home to many kinds of birds.

Besides the unlimited number of water activities ranging from going fishing to rock climbing and snorkeling, there are also many beach resorts that are ready to pamper their guests, restaurants serving local cuisine as well as unique shopping experiences.



Krabi- source: internet

With its quiet roads amongst the jungle and limestone, Krabi is the best place for those who are looking for a very relaxing holiday in such a quiet location. With fewer tourists on your way than in Phuket, Krabi also makes you feel like you have stepped into a real get-away from your busy daily life.

When it comes to the quietness, with few big roads and fancy infrastructures, Krabi and its abundant jungles and marvelous seascape surrounded by majestic limestone offers an easy encounter with nature. With its 83 islands surrounding the region, most of which are inhabited, it is no need to say that Krabi is also an excellent destination for island hopping.

Krabi’s charm is also found in its beautiful beaches. The famous Ao nang beach of Krabi – the resort beach of Krabi, a popular spot for families; Railay beach, which is famous for its full moon rites, laid back atmosphere and amazing rock climbing opportunity by the beach and Koh Lanta (South of Krabi) with long and serene beaches are what no ultimate beach lovers should miss.

Similan Islands

Similan Islands

Similan Islands- sourec: internet

Situated only 84 km northwest of the tourist pub of Phuket, Koh Similan is famous for the wonders waiting beneath the clear blue waters surrounding it.

In spite of not being as dramatically scenic as the limestone islands of Krabi or Phang Nga Bay, the Similans makes itself outstanding with low-lying formations covered with thick forest. Forming part of the denser undergrowth are jackfruit, rattan and bamboo while gum trees and ironwood and gum trees are among the larger trees. Besides a chance to see squirrels, bats, lizards, dusky langurs, crab-eating monkeys together with a good variety of birds, Similan also offers splendidly picturesque and often deserted white coral-sand beaches. Beneath the waves may be some of the most incredible coral growths in the world, which has turned the waters around the Similans into a favorite adventure playground for any divers.

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