Mandalay’s culinary highlights

Mandalay’s culinary highlights

Mohinga in Mandalay

Not only glorious in the past but also outstanding at the present, Mandalay, which was the final capital of the Burmese Kingdom, is now attracting travelers for classic and modern images with ancient monuments as well as its culinary highlights. To get more information,  you can click: Travel Myanmar and Indochina

Shan-style tofu noodles is Mandalay’s culinary

Tohu nuway

Tohu nuway is Mandalay’s culinary- source: internet

Unlike what its name suggests, Tohu nuway does not have tofu, but a thick and yellow porridge made from ground chickpeas or peas’ flour. A bowl of Shan style tofu noodles is only prepared right after guests’ order. Thin noodles are flash boiled, the liquid tohu is added and put on top may be a lot of popular toppings such as: parsley, cabbage, sesame seeds, crispy smashed nuts and a drizzle of chili oil. Served with the sticky yellow stuff are broth, marinated pork or chicken or pork and a side dish of pickled veggies. For a real culinary exploration in Mandalay, tohu nuway is a dish to try.

Shan-style noodles

Shan style noodles

Shan style noodles- source: internet

One of the most famous dishes in Myanmar and the most favorite in the Shan state – its hometown as well as the Mandalay region, Shan style noodles is a dish to try in this underrated land. Myanmar travel guide

As its name suggests, Shan noodle is a collaboration of rice noodles dipped in a clear, peppery broth with marinated pork or chicken. Used in this dish might be two kinds of rice noodles: thin shaped, round and not sticky ones called yay sein (used for salad) and the flat sticky one called san see (used for soup). Whether it is a salad or a soup, it is served with the same sauce and a side dish of pickled vegetables and fried pork rips. Just mix boiled noodles together with chicken curry, peanuts, tomato paste and spring onion and enjoy, the Shan Noodle cooking is a really delicious one. Burmese love this dish so much that they can enjoy it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or oven as a snack.


Mohinga in Mandalay

Mohinga in Mandalay is Mandalay’s culinary- source: internet

A rice noodles and fish soup dressed in fish sauce, and garnished with crisp fried onions, a squeeze of lime, spring onions, banana tree stem and coriander or garlic mustard and snake beans, finally topped with plenty of optional on-adds, such as: a boiled egg, crispy fritters or chickpeas, Mohinga is considered as the symbol of Burmese cuisine as well as Burmese national dish. Though there are many recipes varying depending on different regional tastes in Myanmar, in Mandalay, where freshwater fish and shrimp abound to be made into paste and added into cooking, you can find a typical mohinga version. To give the broth a nice kick of heat, Mohinga is usually served with dried chili flakes, and a few shavings of cilantro is for a lovely freshness. Not only commonly served as a breakfast, in Mandalay, a bowl of mohinga is also available throughout the day.

Burmese Naan Flat bread and Pe Byouk (boiled peas)

Burmese Naan Flat bread and Pe Byouk

Burmese Naan Flat bread and Pe Byouk- source: internet

Indian culture has made an influence on many senses of Myanmar from economy, culture and cuisine. One of the most obvious evidence is Burmese Naan Flat bread and Pe Byouk, which can easily be found at roadside food stalls. Locals often enjoy the kind of bread, which is a form of Indian style flatbread straightly pulled with Burmese boiled bean or and onions or any oily meat dish, chicken curry for example. It is best to enjoy Indian fried bread sticks with flatbread sprinkled with sugar with Burmese black milk tea, which is mixed with sweetened condensed milk to make it richer. Have it on the low tables around the sidewalks in Mandalay in the morning should be one of your most unique experience in this city.

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