Where to go for one-day trip in Bagan

Where to go for one-day trip in Bagan

Ananda temple
No matter how many time you make an adventure in the mysterious country of Myanmar, a trip to the iconic and picture perfect temple-studded plains of Bagan is a must do. What stay with you forever will be the memories of the pagoda and temple filled landscape, the impressive sunrises (with a Balloon Over Bagan ride) and sunsets and a short yet memorable visit to a local workshop. Explore with: Indochina tours Myanmar
Sunrise and Sunset

Balloon Over Bagan ride

Balloon Over Bagan ride- source: internet

Without a morning admiring the sun peak over the great mountains and dye the sky a rainbow of colors, your trip to the ancient city of Bagan cannot be complete. If your budget permits, floating on air over the temples as the sun rises with a Balloon Over Bagan ride will be such a great way to begin your day. This ultimate and spectacular Bagan experience will be one of your tour’s highlights. However, book as early as possible (week or even months in advance) and be prepared for fork out more than $300USD per person. If your wallets are much slimmer, let’s visit a temple to enjoy the magnificent sunrise. You can have a taxi transfer you or rent your e-bike as early as 5 AM and ride out to one of these temples. Myanmar travel and tours

Impressive sunset in Bagan

Impressive sunset in Bagan – source: internet

A good sunset is also a must after watching a magical sunrise! For the most beautiful sunset view, let’s watch it from the temples (no balloon rides) or the river after a boat ride. Go early to get a good spot as the most popular temples fill up quickly. There are only 5 allowed temples, where you can get viewing opportunities: Oah Chan Pae Kone, Pyathetgyi, Shwenanyinday, Shwesandaw and Thitsarwady.

Ananda temple

Ananda temple

Ananda temple- source: internet

The Ananda temple is one of the best known, best preserved, largest, finest, most beautiful and most revered temple in Bagan. One of the first great temples to be built in Bagan, the single storey structure built towards the end of the early Bagan period of Ananda Pagoda is considered as one of the most surviving masterpieces of the Mon architecture and North Indian influence.

The tower like spire on the center of the building, the gilded sikhara, whose reflection is visible from miles away over the Bagan plains, is the most distinctive and noticeable feature of this temple. After dark, you can see mystical scenery created by the beautifully lit up spotlights in the Ananda Pagoda.

The best time to visit Ananda temple is on its festival, which takes place on the full moon of Pyatho (often from December to January of the Lunar Calendar). The amazing festival draws thousands of not only local but also foreign travelers. During the three days of the festival, there are up to a thousand monks chant day and night.

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