Exploring the sheer beauty of the ancient Bagan city in Myanmar

Exploring the sheer beauty of the ancient Bagan city in Myanmar

Travelling by big ballon to enjoy the beauty of Bagan
Bagan had been the capital of Burma for 230 years (between the 13th and 14th centuries). It is place where more than 2,000 temples and pagodas are still preserved, and the remnants of Bagan are comparable to the two famous temples –  Angkor Wat of Cambodia and Borobodur Temple in Indonesia. Let’s explore Bagan with: Indochina travel Myanmar

The attractive beauty of ancient Bagan

The attractive beauty of ancient Bagan -source: internet

It is special that all the temples of Bagan are located in only 42 square kilometers on the left riverside of the Ayeyarwady River, now known as Bagan Plain. The remnants of the pagoda are symbol of an ancient architecture that maybe disappeared.

Mon architecture is very popular at the major temples in Bagan, one of which is Shwezigon Golden Temple. This is the first golden temple built in Burma and is also a good example of later temples. From a distance, visitors can feel the sacred beauty from the ancient structure and the towers. Next to most ancient Shwezigon Temple, Bagan also has the most stunning Ananda Temple, the most higest Thatbyinyu Temple and finally the most massive Dhamma Yangyi Temple.

Shwezigon Temple

Shwezigon Temple -source: internet

Ananda Temple built in 1105 is one of the largest and best preserved temples here. It represents the infinite wisdom of the Buddha. The temple is made of stone with a cross-shaped architecture, the center is a cube and each side is a standing Buddha.

Thatbinnyu Temple, built in the middle of the 12th century, is the tallest temple in Bagan and can be seen at any perspective in this area.

Bagan is always magnificent in the light of dawn and dreamy in the reddish of sunset. The differently high and low towers are numbered in thousands. Standing from the top of the Shwesandaw tower to look down, travelers have a chance to admire the majestic scenery and huge pagoda towers, which leaves deeply in the heart of those who once set foot in Bagan. Although life outside the world is bustling and hustling, the ancient capital-Bagan is still peacefully as if it had slept well in the past. Myanmar tours and travel

Many temples are recognized as the world cultural wonders. Nowadays, it is a beloved destination of many tourists. These buildings are almost made from cement but its architecture is so solid. But the big dome was built by many skillful people. The windows are well arranged to get the rays of sunlight into the face of the Buddha statue and create the haloes on the statue.

Salay is a village where local people still preserve the ancient temples and monasteries built entirely of wood. The most tourist attraction of the temples here is the Youqson Kyaung Temple, built in the 19th century. Here is a detailed engraving of the Buddha’s life.

Today, when reaching Bagan to admire the full romantic scenes with a collection of ancient temple temples, travelers often choose to travel by the big balloon. At the high level, filled with vast ancient architecture, you can feel like returning to the ancient past, where each of the buildings marks a historical era with traditional culture.

Travelling by big ballon to enjoy the beauty of Bagan

Travelling by big ballon to enjoy the beauty of Bagan -source: internet

Bagan has been developing tourism for a long time so there are many hotels and motels from popular to high-end ones. Late afternoon, guests can relax and watch the sunset on the Ayeyarwady River and enjoy the cooktail. The environment is so peaceful that you can feel like getting out of depressed life.

Coming to Bagan, you have the opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of traditional and modern. Hospitable, friendly and kind people in Bagan can also make your trip more exciting, meaningful and leave you a remembrance.

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