Stunning view you can have in Bagan

With some 4000 pagodas among a 20 mile square radius at the Bagan archaeological site, you can easily find the ones that do not witness the masses that the main ones can. They are such perfect places for those who prefer solitude over travelers elbowing their way to a spectacular view. Indochina tours Myanmar



Buledi- source: internet

As Buledi is relatively close to Nyaung U along Anawrahta Road (easily accessible by bike) and the sandy road going in cannot handle a bus, it is pretty popular with the backpacker crowd.  Expect to share it with hosts of others, but at least on either sides, you can find a lot of places to sit on.  Be careful and take your time as the stairs are so steep. Buledi is a really good place for sunrise or sunset.

Buledi was closed for about 6 months after damage in the August 2016 quake. But now, it is back open.  At the desk in front, they are often checking for your valid Bagan pass. Myanmar travel  guide


Stunning view you can have in Bagan

Stunning view you can have in Bagan- source: internet

It is not difficult to find this unnamed temple from Anawrata Road. You will head south from Nyaung U closer to Old Bagan. Even though it is not labeled well, after passing the turnoff for Buledi from Nyaung U, it is your second left. There is just a set of stairs getting to the first platform but requiring some climbing to get to the second and the third platforms. The keyholders to the temple are Thiri and her lovely family, who are very friendly and willing to help you up.


Oak Kyaung Gyi

Oak Kyaung Gyi- source: internet

As Oak Kyaung Gyi is off the beaten track, travelers are likely to share this with only a few other tourists for sunrise. Expect 30-40+ neighbors now at sunset, however, like most places, after the sun goes down, it clears out shortly. For the best photos looking south towards Old Bagan, make sure to stay for 30 minutes after sunset.

On your journey getting access to the temple off the Bagan-Nyaung U Road south of Hti-Lo-Min-Lo at the Raya-Nda-Zu group: Until seeing sandy road on the left, you have to follow the increasingly more sandy road. After entering this square temple, you will head up the stairs along the inside wall on your right side. Have your headlamp ready as this is such a dark place. Keep going up, there is only one way leading to the peak, but take care of your footing. Although not being particularly high, it is such an ideal spot to enjoy the plains own your own at sunrise just to catch up on your journal or take everything in.

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