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Amazing Myanmar

Plan your trip in Myanmar

Myanmar that is authentic, affordable and noticeable should be put on your travel bucket top list. Thanks to a large number of golden covered pagodas scattered around the country, Myanmar which is well known as “the Golden Land” is not different from Thailand 25 years ago — before shopping chains took over and famous movies like “The Beach” were captured on its shores. Indochina tours Myanmar

  1. Affordability
Plan your trip in Myanmar

Plan your trip in Myanmar – source:

For those who are seeking for a reasonable price international adventure, Myanmar is a must visit destination. While lodging prices are excessively high thanks to a lack of hotel rooms and the sudden rise of tourists, you can conveniently live off $15 each day during a visit to Myanmar.

Paying from 80 cents to $3, you will certainly enjoy traditional meals anywhere. Negotiate for a 20-minute taxi ride around the city at about $2. A one-hour relaxing massage runs you around $3.50 while local Myanmar beer costs $1. It costs about $8 for a 12-hour traveling by bus ride from Yangon to Bagan.

Sadly, there are only a small number of budget-friendly hostels costing around $20 per night. At the same time, you have to pay from $50 to $250 for per night staying in hotels and resorts. But to meet the demand of the high number of visitors, several new accommodations are being built, so you may profit a cheaper place to hang your hat in the coming future.

  1. Cuisine

Mohinga – source:

It does not cost you much to enjoy a wide selection of delicious food in Myanmar. It is not really eaten outside of the borders of Myanmar is what makes it so distinct. How can you have a better chance to sample authentic Burmese dishes other than in Myanmar?

Considering the geographic location of the country, all of Burmese dishes are derived from Indian, Thai together with Chinese ingredients. Mohinga, rice noodles deep in a unique orange fish sauce is the most popular dish while traditional stir-fried noodles with chicken in bean sauce, fresh vegetables and peanuts, Shan Noodles and Onnokauswe — noodles simmered in coconut milk are also loved by both locals and foreigners.

And thanks to Myanmar tropical climate, this country boasts spacious fruit crops. Paying as low as 10 cents, you can buy fresh fruit from a market while with less than 50 cents, you can try a blended fruit smoothie.

  1. The incredible hiking 
Incredible hiking in Myanmar

Incredible hiking in Myanmar – source:

Although already stepped up to cater toward adventurous backpackers by many tour agencies, trekking in Myanmar is a relatively new activity. Most backpackers choose a two-day trek around the stilt villages of Inle Lake, but for an even more isolate experience, head south to Hp-Pan or deep into the Shan highlands.

Here, you can reach jungle-clad limestone tops — many of which are peaked with petit monasteries — and immerse in some incredible views. Meeting colorful freshwater crabs, hiked through mist-draped forests, and shared tea with novice monks who cannot speak English, but always seem to be happy to see you are all that make trekking in Myanmar a really amazing experience.

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