7 Pattaya attractions that tourists can not ignore

7 Pattaya attractions that tourists can not ignore

Pattaya floating market

Pattaya is an integral part of the Thai tourism industry, located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand about 165 km southeast of Bangkok, in Chon Buri province. This is one of Thailand’s largest tourist centers with beautiful destinations attracting many tourists. to get more information, you can click: Travel Indochina Thailand

Coral Island

Considered one of Thailand’s most beautiful beaches, it has long, white beaches and clear blue waters. More than 90% of the island is forested with diverse fauna and flora, Carol Island promises to bring you an exciting and romantic destination.

Especially the most enjoyable experience when arriving at Carol island is to be immersed in cool water, diving to watch the colorful coral reefs. Coral island is suitable for those who seek peace, discover the breath of wild nature.

Diving on Coral Island Pattaya

Diving on Coral Island Pattaya – source: internet

Jomtien beach

Unlike the tranquility of the Coral island, Jomtien beach attracts tourists with popular, exciting activities such as windsurfing, sailing, and scuba diving. This place also hosts world-class sporting events. The beautiful Jomtien Beach is the perfect place for you to have an exciting and memorable vacation while traveling to Pattaya, Thailand.

Jomtien Beach is one of the famous beaches in Pattaya where attracts a lot of international tourists

Jomtien Beach is one of the famous beaches in Pattaya where attracts a lot of international tourists – source: internet

Sheep farm in Pattaya

Travel to the sheep farm in Pattaya, you feel like get lost in the west sky in Thailand. Sheep farm is constructed in European architecture style with windmill, green meadow, gentle sheep. Tours in Thailand

Cute Pattaya sheep farm

Cute Pattaya sheep farm- source: internet

Elephant village in Pattaya

An interesting experience when traveling to Pattaya is the elephant village, where protects and takes care of elephants. In addition to visiting the lives of these great animals, you also have the opportunity to ride them to visit the wild forest, feed elephants and play with them.

Joining elephant village in Pattaya with local people

Joining elephant village in Pattaya with local people – source: internet

Khao Chee Chan (Buddha Mountain)

Located in Chonburi province, about 15km from Pattaya City, Khao Chee Chan – a statue of shakyamuni buddha sitting for meditating on a cliff in the sky.

The uniqueness of this large Buddha statue is engraved with 24 karat gold, 130 m high, 70 m wide, built in 1996, on the occasion of IX RaMa King ruling the Kingdom of Thailand for 50 years. This is one of the proud works of the local people in Pattaya. Fine, soft lines depicting the Buddha’s portrait stand out in the middle of a cliff between the sky and the earth. When visiting here, tourists are attracted by the beauty of a single scene, quiet, peaceful space, which is different from the crowded center of Pattaya.

If anyone travels to Pattaya, Thailand and has not yet visited this mountain, it is considered to miss a very interesting destination.

3D Museum of Art in Pattaya

Lost in the living space at the 3D Museum of Art with paintings from the primitive times that everyone is curious to come here once, making you silently admire the hands of talented artists, which overcomes our imagination. Coming to this art museum in Pattaya, you are free to pose for the pictures following 3D images of life with many different emotions.

Pattaya floating market

Pattaya floating market -source: internet

Four-region floating market of Pattaya

Traveling to Pattaya, Thailand is nothing more interesting than visit the 100,000-square-meter floating market to recreate the life of the river market and the culture of the four regions of the peoples of the golden pagoda. With the architectural style of the North, sophisticated carving from the south makes the market more diverse and colorful.

Most of the prices in the market are relatively reasonable, the merchandise items are affordable so you do not mind bargaining here.

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