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Unique means of transportation in Yangon

A stunning experience with trishaw in Yangon

Choosing which means to transport in Yangon to get around is the first thing you need to do right after you decide on how to get to Burma. Like elsewhere all over the world, traveling on the ground is also a big part of every journey in Myanmar, especially true for Yangon. It will be

What to must-do to undergo the unforgettable in idyllic Khao Yai

Secret garden in Klangdong mountain

Located far the capital – Bangkok about 3-hour drive, Khao Vai is not as hustling as big city in Thailand. It preserves a timeless beauty of the idyllic suburb. The travelers can be entranced with the fresh atmosphere, the hospitality and friendliness of local inhabitants as well as wonderful travel destinations. Let’s explore with: Indochina

The beauty of Thailand in November

Loi Krathong

Even though it is said that Thailand can be visited all year round, the month of November, when the temperatures are cooler and the humidity is lower, is when The Land of Smile is at its own glory. To get more information about Thailand, you can click: Indochina travel Thailand November – good time to

When should I visit Bagan?

Best time to visit Bagan

Like preparation for other destinations in the world, when planning a trip to Bagan, you should check ahead to see: “When should I visit Bagan?”. To get more information, you can click: Indochina tours Myanmar Receiving just 30 percent of Rangoon’s yearly rainfall total, Bagan is famous for its dry tropical monsoon climate. Bagan has

Mandalay’s culinary highlights

Mohinga in Mandalay

Not only glorious in the past but also outstanding at the present, Mandalay, which was the final capital of the Burmese Kingdom, is now attracting travelers for classic and modern images with ancient monuments as well as its culinary highlights. To get more information,  you can click: Travel Myanmar and Indochina Shan-style tofu noodles is Mandalay’s

Discovering temples in Yangon

Shwedagon Pagoda

Myanmar is among the nations that are very famous about ancient temples around the world. The features of the temples here, in particular in Yangon, where there are a lot of wonderful temples and pagodas, are attracting a large number of travelers. If travelers come in Myanmar, Yangon is absolutely a must-to-see destination to satisfy

Best bubble tea in Myanmar

Chatime in Myanmar

You are looking for a cool drink to get rid of your thirst, bubble tea, boba or pearl milk tea, which has charmed the hearts of everyone, is likely to be the best choice. Let’s check out some ubiquitous bubble tea joints in Myanmar! To get more information, you can click: Indochina travel Myanmar iTea

Inle Lake boat trip – the most stunning thing to do in Shan State

Inle Lake floating garden

Famous for its floating villages and gardens with wooden houses built on stilts and the unique way of life of the local Intha people, with their living communities based entirely on the water, the picturesque Inle Lake is a must-visit destination in western Shan State. Let’s explore with: Indochina travel in Myanmar Inle Lake’s Climate

Where to go for one-day trip in Bagan

Ananda temple

No matter how many time you make an adventure in the mysterious country of Myanmar, a trip to the iconic and picture perfect temple-studded plains of Bagan is a must do. What stay with you forever will be the memories of the pagoda and temple filled landscape, the impressive sunrises (with a Balloon Over Bagan

A memorable trip with Andaman Cruise


It is their wealth of exotic beaches and tropical marine life offering an exquisite backdrop for amazing experiences in Thailand that make Phuket and the Andaman Sea famous. And to explore all of the beauty and interesting activities that the Andaman has to offer, cruising on board a luxury motor yacht like Andaman Cruise should